AKKA and Stelia develop plume S3L, a light composite structure for ultra-light aircraft seats

Pressemitteilungen — 04, March 2015

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AKKA Research, the R&D center belonging to AKKA, has been selected to participate in the PLUME project “Seat Stelia Super Light” (S3L), in partnership with STELIA, the major aerospace supplier and partner for the largest aircraft manufacturers and airlines. AKKA has commenced on the design of ultra-small and performance composite structures for aircraft seats for this project.

In response to new environmental challenges, the project faces the major issues in the aviation industry which aim to significantly reduce the weight of an aircraft without compromising the highest levels of security. AKKA teams have won this project due to their international expertise in this sector. The team will be monitoring the milestones in the design of an aircraft and its advanced technologies. AKKA’ engineers have recently positioned themselves in innovative projects including the first electric flight controls or the use of composite materials in the design of the central elements of the aircraft.

The project PLUME S3L, co-financed by the Fonds Unique Interministériel (Unique Interministerial Fund, FUI) of the french Ministry of Economy, Industriy and Employment, was founded by the cluster Aerospace Valley and EMC2 and is a continuation of the work done for the Air-Cobot project by AKKA teams in Toulouse. The projects will last for a period of 3 years, in consortium with STELIA (Leader) AXYAL CELSO, RESCOLL, the Institute Clément Ader, ISAE, CETIM ALTAIR and EROC.

AKKA, a recognized specialist in aeronautical engineering provides valuable technological support and is positioned as a privileged actor in innovations for aeronautical stakeholders.