AKKA’s brand identity evolves to support the group’s growth ambitions

Pressemitteilungen — 20, March 2018

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To support our unique positioning in engineering and digital, and transform it into a competitive advantage, we have decided to adopt a single brand, expressing with one voice the diversity of our 15,000 employees and bringing together our expertise under the same banner.

Stronger, clearer, our new brand will boost our reactiveness to win and retain the clients and talent that will be at the heart of our future growth.

As the cornerstone of our strategic plan, dedicated to our performance, the brand is a powerful catalyst to respond to market challenges and further accelerate our development in years to come.

Our visual identity puts the spotlight on the men and women of AKKA who bring innovation to life every day. Because behind the most advanced technology there is always a human intelligence and a personality, the faces belong to real employees.

These portraits are used in association with powerful imagery that illustrate our activities. Together, they bridge the concepts of synergy and complementarity, which are at the very heart of our corporate culture – just like our logo.