Preventive cooperative Supplier Assessment

Identify supplier optimization potentials at an early stage

Classical VDA 6.3, ISO, APQP Audits are conducted within many companies to evaluate suppliers before nomination and during the industrialization phase of new product projects with the suppliers. Though conducting these structured, standardized audits we find the following situations during industrialization projects:

  • Project management, methods and tools of the supplier are not sufficient to steer a project of a demanding customer.
  • Delays in technical change management due to miscommunication, different expectations between supplier and customer risk the overall project time line.
  • Missing or wrong estimated project capacities (people, facilities) lead to severe delays at customer and risk the ramp up phase, e.g. delivery of prototypes.

Our benefits

Conducting a 360° Supplier Assessment with us will save you time, money and nerves! By spending real time onsite at your supplier and understanding its processes, we…

  • identify supplier weak points at an early stage
  • help to use the levers of an early cooperation between supplier and customer to solve problems
  • enable your suppliers to realise a successful SOP without surprises


  • 98 % accomplishment of project milestones
  • 10-20% Reduction of supplier project process cost
  • 22% reduction of overdue cost (e.g. due to line stops in prototype factories)

Feb 20 2019

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Supplier Assessment