PROVEtech Tool Suite

AKKA offers various soft- and hardware products, collectively referred to as PROVEtech Tool Suite. The product portfolio is especially designed for measurement technology and validation purposes. It is mainly used in the automotive sector, consumer electronics, as well as other industrial applications.


  • PROVEtech:TA – Test Automation
  • PROVEtech:RE – Runtime Environment
  • PROVEtech:RBS – Restbus Simulation
  • UI:TestAId – AI-based HMI-Validation
  • AI-Core – AI-based and scenario-based Validation for ADAS and AV

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‘’ In every industrial sector embedded electronic systems are enhancing functionality to benefit us as users. To avoid failure of these complex systems, the flawless operation of every individual component is essential. A reliable feedback about the correct function can only be established by structured and continuous test and validation. Our advanced PROVEtech testing tools allow an economical, reliable and automated execution of these tests. ‘’

Dr. Björn Butting

Senior Manager Products


May 14 2020

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PROVEtech Tool Suite