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Real-time Control Electronics and Operating System

Electronics for the future

Quantum computing is the only technology known today to have the potential to outperform classical computers. Problems that used to be unsolvable in the past may now find their solutions. This will lead to quantum leaps in all technological fields, heralding a new quantum era.

Building a quantum computer poses numerous engineering challenges as individual quantum bits, for example trapped ions, have to be isolated, manipulated, entangled, and measured in a fully controlled way. Special importance is attached to the classical control electronics that drive the interactions with the qubits. These have to combine precision, flexibility, speed, and scalability in order to unleash the quantum advantage.

Our core competences

— Design

We coalesce state-of-the-art quantum processor chips from our academic research partners with high-precision, classical control electronics based on industry standards. We have designed a quantum computing infrastructure that focuses on robustness, scalability, and real-time capabilities. This enables continuous and automated operation, optimal operation and dynamic decision making, and scalability to also master tomorrow’s systems.

— Construction

We develop high-precision control electronics including low-noise, high-speed direct current (DC) and radio frequency (RF) generators, main-controller boards, and backplane connectors. These electronics are built around system-on-a-chip making them fully scalable, drive massively parallel control sequences, and offer integrated real-time processing capabilities for dynamic sequencing. Individual components can work solitary, master entire systems, or be externally controlled.

— Consulting

We build on more than five years of research and development experience of quantum control hardware and software for academic deployment. We offer a broad and detailed portfolio to consult future users on how to design a quantum control electronics infrastructure, deploy quantum technologies, and leverage the quantum potential to solve unsolved problems.

Quantum control electronics

Microzed AddonBoard

All-in-one control and drive electronics card

  • System independent extension of Xilinx Microzed board
  • TTL sequences with 30 outputs and 2 inputs
  • Measurement readout of photomultiplier tubes via TTL inputs
  • Multi-branching of measurement and output sequences
  • Under development: incorporation of a 80 MHz DAC for RF output

Real-time control unit for drive and measurement electronics

  • 19″ rack compatible Xilinx UltraScale-SoC-Design
  • Real-time control system for high scalability and multiplexed sequences
  • Time synchronization of modular system with sub-microsecond latency
  • Directly programmable with JSON-RPC messages
  • Accessibility via Linux applications running on SoC

Product under development

Real-time distribution unit and network interface

  • 19” rack compatible interface to electronic cards and personal computer
  • Data and power distribution
  • Integrated real-time bus
  • System clock distribution
  • Gigabit ethernet network backbone

Product under development

Dynamic, low-noise DC voltage generator

  • Combines Xilinx UltraScale-SoC and low-noise DACs 19″ to a flexible rack-compatible DC-AWG
  • 16 output channels with high dynamic range of +50 to -50 V
  • High agility with 20 ns sampling and 200 ns rise and fall time
  • Dynamic calibration, measurement and synchronization of all outputs
  • Multi-branching feedback loops even in solitary operation

Wide-bandwidth, high-speed RF voltage generator

  • Combines Xilinx UltraScale-SoC and high-speed DACs to a tunable 19″ rack-compatible RF-AWG
  • 2 output channels with wide bandwidth of 20 mHz to 400 MHz with at least 4 time oversampling
  • RF signals with phase-coherent frequency changes
  • Optional synchronization with external high-precision clock
  • Internal measurements and external trigger enable low-latency feedback loops and multiplexing

Product under development

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