Signaling & supervision system design

System Engineering

  • System architecture
  • Requirements definition and verification
  • Technical specifications for signaling system and subsystems
  • System configuration on site (commissioning support) and in laboratory for tests

Engineering SW Design/Data Prep

Data configuration for signaling systems:

    • Scheme plan and control tables design
    • Database population for interlocking, ERTMS, supervision and CBTC systems
    • Boolean logic design
    • Balise configuration for ERTMS/ETCS systems
    • Display panel design and animation

Simulation and test in laboratory for requirements verification

On-board design and integration

  • Electrical scheme (through circuits, wiring tables, relay analysis, rack layout, etc.)
  • Mechanical and installation design

Central and Peripheral post design for functional and details phase

  • Typical circuits for electronic and relay interface
  • Equipment room layout: definition for all technologies (signaling, power supply, telecom, etc.), including under-floor and aerial cable duct definition
  • Electronic Racks: configuration of electronic boards, internal wiring, layouts, I/O configuration, through circuits, etc.
  • Relay Racks: through circuits for relay interface, layouts, relay & connector analysis, wiring tables, etc.
  • Operator & maintainer desks
  • Fiber optics, ethernet & serial connections between signaling racks
  • Mechanical design for construction and installation

Logistic support

  • Bills of material, purchasing specifications, etc.

Construction and Commissioning support

  • Installation and commissioning plans, on-site surveys, as-built, quality, etc.

Engineering Project management

  • Planning, sub-contractor management, documentation management, customer technical interface, etc.

Range of Programs/Products

  • High speed line – ERTMS system
  • Mass transit – CBTC systems
  • Computer-based interlocking systems (IXL)
  • Relay interlocking systems
  • Train protection systems (ATC, ETCS, SCMT, etc.)
  • Freight systems
  • Supervision systems (ATS, CTC, automation, etc.)


  • Technical support for every phase of signaling projects:
    • Tender
    • Functional and detail design
    • Construction and commissioning support
    • As-built and maintenance
  • Knowledge of local signaling rules (France, Belgium, Italy, UK, etc.) and European standards (ERTMS/ETCS)