Digital Mobile Home

Innovation Project Smart Caravan

The European mobile home market provides enormous growth rates within the last years, but currently lacks digital solutions for it. Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) showcases a lean approach for making mobile homes smart.

The goal was to deliver a new customer experience for campers using their currently limited digital mobile home turning them smart. By developing a combined software and hardware solution with existing AKKA technology and resources, the team succeeded in astonishing leading European premium caravan producers within 3 months. The potential of AKKAs approach is excessive, as new & used caravans, car trailors and micro campers can be easily equipped and maintained without complex ECUs interference.


Realtime steering of caravan with an App


Online (cloud) and offline (remote areas) usage


Turning existing functions into smart devices


Changing scenarios with one click, i.e. arrival mode


Digital packages (small, medium, large) and functions


More functions easily addable (digital ecosystem)

Customer Benefits

  • Customer reach: mobile home owner & buyer, producer and after market
  • Background automotive: AKKA as a global leading engineering consultancy
  • Lean & agil development: MVP within 3 months with customer wishes included
  • Scalable: usage of proven technology architecture, no matter which car manufacturer / installed platform / specific electronic control unit