Smart R&D – Engineering 4.0

Agile, lean and digital excellence

Overall R&D spent as well as development speed has increased considerably over the few years. In many cases, however, development processes, capabilities and organization are still struggling to adapt to the fundamental challenges of decreasing market transparency, shorter product lifecycles and convergence of hard-/ software. In order to stay ahead, companies need to adjust their structures to the new realities.

Our benefits

Delivering clear and measurable results to our clients is core of our DNA. With our initiatives to enhance R&D performance we help our clients to:

  • Reduce R&D complexity
  • React quickly on customer demands and change requests
  • Integrate digital development processes
  • Perform seamless and transparent development processes


  • 15% less time to market as well as savings in process time with digital prototypes
  • 20% less development costs

Feb 20 2019

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Smart R&D