Software Cost Engineering

Know your cost & value drivers in software products to ensure competitiveness

Classical cost engineering has already been successfully applied to physical products for several years to create cost transparency. In the age of digital change, the areas of application and demand for software products in all industries in particular are constantly incresingly. Software is becoming more and more important in the creation of value.

Therefore, AKKA transfers the Value & Cost Engineering appoarch to software products to identify cost drivers, reduce their costs and development. We identify your optimal function to cost ratio to increase the value of your software by improving its function or decreasing its cost.

Potential customer value

Delivering clear and measurable results to our clients is core of our DNA.
With our cost and value engineering initiatives we support our clients in order to

  • Develop cost-optimized products
  • Generate purchasing cost transparency and a better basis for negotiations
  • Decrease development costs
  • Create awareness of value-creating and non-value-creating functions
  • Develop optimized/synchronized structure and processes between software supplier and customer

Fields of competence

Industry 4.0
Connectivity & Infotainment
eMobility & Powertrain
Autonomous Drive & ADAS
Energy & Networks
Big Data & Analytics
Cloud Computing
Process Management & Agile Project Management
Requirements Engineering
User Experience & Interface Design

Aug 19 2020

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Software Cost Engineering