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The powerAIDER is an universal 12V/12V on-board charger, which makes it possible to charge the additional measurement technology power supply network with an extra battery with up to 25 A, or to disconnect under load from the 12V electrical system in case of measurement. With the help of CAN (FD), LIN interfaces and an user script, the functionality is easily programmable and adaptable to any application.

  • 12V/12V on-board charger for measuring battery
  • Separation of the 12V electrical system from the 12V measuring technology network
  • 3 independent switching outputs with 10A load capacity
  • Control of the measuring technology and battery charging via CAN (FD) messages of the vehicle possible
  • Gateway function possible from on-board network to the measuring technology network
  • Passive reading of the on-board network CAN ensured
  • Functions programmable by the user via scripting language

powerAIDER Low III control unit

The compact and cost-effective remote control for measurement technology makes it possible to turn the switching outputs of the powerAIDER on and off and to limit the charging current of the measuring battery.

Using LEDs, the driver receives immediate feedback from the powerAIDER as to whether the channels have actually been switched. An undervoltage at the measuring or on-board battery as well as an overtemperature in the powerAIDER are indicated by red LEDs. In addition, the Low III control unit has a wake-up button with which the powerAIDER can be reset to operating mode when the bus is idle.

Networking Test Suite (NTS)

Every bus interface of electric control units within Daimler vehicles shall be tested against the latest Networking Performance Specifications. The Networking Test Suite (NTS) offers an extensive solution with the following features:

  • Supports all bus systems (CAN (FD), Automotive Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN) in one tool
  • Delivers a high level of automation
  • Always up to date due to a software maintenance contract
  • Tests against the latest Networking Test Specifications of Daimler AG
  • Shortens release cycles by development accompanying tests
  • Delivers a complete test report for each bus interface within approx. 30 minutes

Here you can find the product leaflet.

Read more about the Networking Test Suite

Gigabox Lion

The GIGABOX Lion as an universal control unit offering the following features, among others:

  • Suitable for complex gateway functions
  • Freely programmable script with free development environment
  • 2x CAN, 2x CAN-FD, 2x LIN, 1x BLE (optional)
  • Suitable for cars and trucks, CE-compliant
  • 19 inputs and 10 outputs

Here you can find the product leaflet.

Gigabox Puma

The GIGABOX Puma is a compact universal control unit with the following features:

  • Suitable for complex gateway functions
  • Freely programmable script with free development environment
  • 2x CAN, 1x LIN, 1x BLE (optional), 1 x CAN-FD (optional)
  • Suitable for passenger cars and trucks, possible E1 approval
  • 8 inputs and 18 outputs

Here you can find the product leaflet.

Additional Gigaboxes


  • Rapid Prototyping with Matlab Toolchain
  • Broad spectrum of bus support
  • Compact housing

GIGABOX condor

  • Rapid Prototyping with Matlab Toolchain
  • BroadrReach, CANFD
  • Compact housing


  • Manganin shunt available for different measuring ranges
  • Optimized ASIC for measuring current and voltage
  • Internal sampling rate 1 kHz
  • Galvanic isolation of the sensor from data line and power supply
  • Data transfer ironCUBE®-CAn <=> CAN (500 kbps)

FlexRay Active Star

The FlexRay Active Star is an active star coupler for the FlexRay bus system and is used to decouple communication networks and to increase the maximum bus length.

Due to the higher transmission frequency, the FlexRay bus is more susceptible to interference than the CAN bus. In addition, the FlexRay network in the vehicles is optimized with regard to line lengths, terminations, parameters, etc. The FlexRay bus is also used for the transmission of data to the CAN bus.

As soon as another FlexRay participant, e.g. the measurement equipment located in the boot, is integrated into this optimized network, this can lead to disturbances on the FlexRay. By using an active star for FlexRay, this influence on the existing vehicle network is significantly reduced.

CAN distributor 8+

Today modern vehicles contain a wealth of electronic modules. Many are interconnected by a CAN bus system. Further components such as control units or measuring equipment can be integrated into the existing network thanks to AKKA’s flexible CAN distributor, so that network expansion is possible at any time.

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Gigabox Puma


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Gigabox Lion


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