AKKA Spain, a leader in aerospace, railways, energy & automotive engineering

AKKA Spain is organized around seven Centers of Competence: Systems Engineering, High Integrity Software, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety (RAMS), Monitoring & Control, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Operations & Technical Documentation, with an additional focus on the digital offer (electronic systems, IT infrastructures).

Main customers are Airbus, CAF, Thales, Alstom, Talgo, Seat, Renault, Siemens Gamesa, John Deere.

AKKA Spain is a mature organization, with 80% of our activity occurring in complex delivery models namely service platforms, work package, and work units.

In line with AKKA’s global CLEAR 2022 strategy, AKKA Spain focuses on developing our Centers of Competence, along with growing its strengths in digital business, talent management, and people & services management.

Key dates

— 2008 – 2011

First presence of AKKA in Spain with the acquisition of Planitec and Aeroconseil Iberia

— 2012

Merger of all Spanish activities into AKKA Aeroconseil Spain. We reached 100 employees in Spain

— 2013-2015

Strong diversification and growth in the main two markets; Aerospace and Railways. Creation of the system engineering centers of excellence

— 2016

Acquisition and integration of Matis, complementing our presence in the energy sector

— 2017

Focus on a development strategy based on Competence Centers. We reached 400 employees

— 2018

Strong growth in Railways and Energy. Acquisition of Edelway Spain, complementing our offer in the life-science sector. We reached 500 employess

Management team

Luis Santiago Fernández del Valle

Managing Director. Luis is an aeronautical engineer and has a degree in Business Management and Administration with more than 20 years’ professional experience in various qualified positions. He joined the AKKA group in 2012 as Managing Director and currently heads a team of 11 business managers.

Pilar Montón

Finance Director. Pilar has a degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Zaragoza, a Law degree from the Madrid Complutense University and an MBA from the Madrid Business School ICADE. Pilar has an extensive professional career as CFO in highly prestigious multinational companies. She joined Akka Spain in 2016 as CFO and a member of the Management Committee.

Ricardo Prieto

Operations Director for Industry, Automotive and Energy Sectors. Ricardo has more than 20 years’ experience in Business Development.

Lola Rodríguez

HR Director. Lola has a degree in Law from the University of Extremadura, she is a certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and has more than 20 years’ experience in leading multinational companies in the sector.

‘’ Combining AKKA’s global offering with local strengths in aeronautics, rail and energy, AKKA is well positioned to meet the needs of our Spanish customers and grow across a number of key economic sectors. ‘’

Luis Santiago

Managing Director

Key figures

Including functional people




> 34 €M

2020 Revenue

Our solutions

Our consultants stand by your side during the whole development process of the product life cycle.

Our offer can be applied to all business and industrial sectors, whether you need our expertise on technical assistance projects, turnkey projects, or transnational projects. Our engineers can work directly on site or from our premises. Passionate about technologies, we always submit innovative solutions to our clients. Our Group thus benefits from a unique positioning among engineering companies.

In Spain, AKKA supports its clients with specific expertise in:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Life Sciences
  • Energy

Top customers


Key projects

— Environmental and crew systems (EFA, L&M)

In 2015, our customer commissioned AKKA to develop new L&M programs requiring a redesign of the ventilation and cooling systems for each aircraft. Because of the Eurofighter’s operation specifications, it was necessary to modify certain aspects of the environmental control system (ECS) to satisfy its requirements. AKKA worked on the modeling of the ventilation and cooling systems, the calibration of the models according to the rig tests, the simulation of several ECS conditions in order to estimate thermal loads on the force-cooled equipment, the validation of the results with other approaches and establishing a solution that better fits to the specification.

— RAMS–rolling stock

Between 2012 and 2016, AKKA worked on different projects for a leading rail customer.

We provided RAMS documents performance (PHA, IHA, hazard log, safety cases, safety notes) with reliability analysis performing RBD studies for all systems in trains, feedback on clients’ demands, analysis of REX RAM values and proposal of new intrinsic contractual values to achieve, LCC development took customer and AKKA REX into account to evaluate EMU project viability.

Because of our adaptability and reactivity, we could supply our customer with railway know-how for the project according to its needs, with a commitment to on-time delivery and rigorous quality control.

— WISH Project

Studies have indicated that the wind & solar generation are highly complementary when a wind farm’s evacuation capacity is not exceeded. In 2016, AKKA was asked to create and modify the electrical schematics and conduct protection studies for limiting the output power at the point of connection to power network:
- Preliminary design
- SCBA algorithm for WISH protection
- Detail engineering reviews

With AKKA, the customer saw added value benefits in:

- Hybrid plant power control centralization
- Different operational modes: wind priority, solar priority and hybrid balance
- Maximum hybrid plant power limitation
- Maximum resource utilization
- Control of multiple owners’ production
- Distributed solar energy integration into existing wind farm installations
- Use of standard equipment
- Long track record of WTGs and photovoltaic inverters

Integrated Management System: Certifications, Accreditations and Compliance

AKKA TECHNOLOGIES SPAIN is certified with the following standards:

  • AS/EN 9100:2018 “Quality Aerospace series – Management systems – requirements for aviation, space and defense organizations.”
    • Scope: Engineering Services, Technical Consulting
  • ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements”
    • Scope: Engineering Services, Technical Consulting
  • ISO/IEC 17020:2012. “Conformity assessment.  Requirements for the operations of various types of bodies performing inspection”.
    • Title: Inspections in Railway Sector. Type C
    • Scope: Safety of railway applications: Energy, Rolling Stock, Control-Command,  Signalling Systems, Infrastructure and Safe Integration.
    • ENAC Accreditation: 327/EI540
  • AQAP 2110:2015 (PECAL2110 – Edición D Versión 1) Requisitos OTAN de aseguramiento de la calidad para el diseño, desarrollo y producción
    • Scope: Engineering Services and Technical Consulting
  • AQAP 2310:2017 (PECAL 2310 – Edición B Versión 1) Requisitos OTAN para los sistemas de gestión de calidad de suministradores de aviación, espaciales y de defensa.
    • Scope: Engineering Services and Technical Consulting

AKKA Spain - General Purchasing Conditions

Oct 07 2021

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AKKA Spain – General Purchasing Conditions



The management of AKKA TECHNOLOGIES SPAIN is committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health deterioration for all our employees and people interacting in our facilities.

Nov 05 2021

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Occupational Health & Safety Policy


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