360° Supplier Management

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Approximately 85% of the added value is generated in the supply chain, 75% of the innovations come from the supply industry and the trend is rising. The biggest changes in the context of the 4th industrial revolution directly affect the supply chain.

A functioning supply chain and its effective management is a highly significant competitive advantage. Our experts recognize problems and challenges from a different perspective and harmonize the quality of the services and products of customers and suppliers.

With our maturity model, which has been enhanced by process engineering scopes as well as functional security, cybersecurity and SPICE, our experts are able to identify the need for action and optimization potential at a much earlier stage. Combined with our diagnosis and risk model, it enables you to go into detail exactly where it is really necessary.

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Supply Chain Risk Managment

Your supply chain is critical to your success, and any downtime can significantly impact business continuity. With the supply chain analysis, risks can be identified at an early stage and counteracted.

Our RGA-model includes the following modules:
Agile RGA
3-S (Safety, Security, SPICE)

Our experts analyze your logistics process, identify the problems, identify the critical path and develop cost-efficient, flexible and individual concepts to secure your supply chain. We focus on the growing digitalization of supply chains.

The digital transformation demands a high degree of flexibility and agility from your company, we support you with our experts in the fields of big data, digitalization (Industry 4.0), system and software engineering and IT security. We are also happy to advise you on how to ensure the quality of software, hardware and mechanical systems using modern methods.

As required in the form of quick-audits, remote-audits or according to established standards such as VDA 6.3 /IATF 16949 / ISO9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO26262.

Potential customer value

We support you with our preventive and far-reaching approaches in areas such as supplier development, production part approval process (PPAP), relocations, FMEA and audits. Especially the combination of our additional competences in functional safety (FuSi), A-SPICE and CyberSecurity makes our services unique. We offer our tailor-made services for our customers in the entire spectrum of supplier management. This 360° approach reduces the effort on your side massively and the overall goal remains in focus.

Jul 30 2020

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360° Supplier Management