Systems engineering and RAMS

Our combination of ATAs specialists, methods, and tool teams enable our customers to implement system development plans in environments involving many players, in order to apply functional, safety and certification requirements. We support all features of systems engineering: architecture, design, integration and validation, tests, and certification justification.

Adapted to meet the requirements of any aircraft manufacturer’s design office, our service offer can be tailored to provide aircraft manufacturers with local support, ensuring ongoing access to specialized job-specific engineers who can be assigned for the duration of the aircraft program – from pre-project phases through the entire development cycle:

We bring a full range of engineering expertise to our customers:

  • Flight dynamics, aircraft performance, aerodynamics, acoustics, data package simulation.
  • Systems: avionics functions (flight management, Communication-Navigation-Surveillance CNS, crew alerts, etc.), cockpit design, flight controls, electrics, hydraulics, engine integration.
  • Operations: maintenance system, flight ops, MMI, EFB.
  • Systems engineering methodologies: requirement based engineering, DMU, installation, configuration management, simulations, IVVQ.
  • Certification: ARP4754, hardware (DO254) / software (DO178) / environmental (DO 160) / human factors, certification plan, safety analysis, support: project management, RFx support, supplier monitoring, customer support.

To support complex systems engineering and configuration management, AKKA deals with dependability and performs studies related to ILS and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety). Our teams also have a comprehensive approach of documentation: content authoring, structure, illustration, translation, technical and operational data management, and distribution.

Our RAMS team is part of the engineering support we provide and is organized as part of our Support Engineering business unit. The Support Engineering unit combines to cover the activities of dependability, safety, integrated logistics support and the production and management of all associated support elements (documentation, training, etc.).

In the scope of Support Engineering, AKKA has been developing the following know-how and skills for more than 20 years:

  • Ability to carry out functional analysis in order to understand and analyze systems – to identify all equipment in order assess its interactions with the system and the environment.
  • Capability to manage global analysis across a whole system, taking into account both hardware and software parts.
  • Technical basics in related industrial fields (mechanics, electricals, electronics).
  • Expertise in dependability and integrated logistics support (ILS) methods and tools available to achieve availability studies and optimize maintainability costs.
  • Identification of synergieswith other teams, as support engineering activities are potentially transferable across some or all technical services.
  • Capability to provide Work Package approaches by implementing accurate connections with Design/Development activities, Human Factors, and Certification activities, as well as operational documentation.