Systems Security

Turning the risks of connected products into secure engineering

In a time of smart and interconnected devices, society requires more and more functionality for every conceivable device and field, including such examples as app-controlled cars, remote home automatization and surveillance, medical health trackers, machine-to-machine communication, cloud-storage, data-analytics, industrial maintenance and many more.

Consumers and industries have their specific assets they would like to keep safe. For some, it is important to follow lawful regulations to protect customer privacy. Some like to protect their personal intellectual property; some need to be confident about the origin of information they get or offer; and others need to demonstrate the reliability of their systems. Together these require the integration of key security objectives in their products, namely, confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, and availability.

AKKA combines experience in automotive electronics, networks, architecture, and IT with expertise in cybersecurity to counter the risks facing modern technology. We support you in identifying your individual security targets, and in developing secure concepts and countermeasures to provide overall security solutions with a calculable residual and acceptable risk.

AKKA offers support and implementations over the entire product life cycle to protect modern products against attacks. Our services include:

Security Analysis

  • Threat analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Assigning protection requirements to systems and functions
  • Identification of critical interfaces

Security Concept Developing

  • System architecture
  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Diagnostic interfaces
  • Update concepts
  • Implementation concepts
  • Monitoring
  • IP protection


  • Test-concepts
  • Test-specification oriented security-tests
  • Holistic, creative penetration tests
  • Vulnerability evaluation
  • Review of security implementation


  • Risk-Analysis
  • Security Process
  • Security Requirements
  • Security Management
  • Coaching