Our approach consists of the following tasks and activities:

  • Proofreading and issuing of comments on SDS and schematics
  • Assessment of sufficient maturity
  • Encoding and integration of TC & IS software
  • Testing:
    • Integration of equipment on the test bench (TCMS ICM)
    • Units for SSIL2 (SE) functions
    • Functional simulation PC (SE)
    • Functional tests carried out on test bench for SSIL2 (SE)
    • System integration on test bench (TCMS ICM)
    • Validation under TestStand of SDBs modeled under ControlBuild (all functions)
  • Conduct Change Control Board activities to analyze and schedule change requests to be integrated into future software deliveries (TCE, TCMS ICM)


Development involves the following tasks and activities:

  • Modeling of the graphical interface
  • Verification of MPU/DDU interfaces
  • Writing of presentation materials for design review (s) with the client
  • Implementation of services (management of IOS and maintenance defects, duplication of fault stacks, redundancy DDU, CSV files, transmission by FTP)
  • Generation of code for real targets
  • Tests on bench
  • Ensure that software naming and encoding rules are respected
  • Provide delivery and validation documents associated with the software


Integration consists of the following tasks and activities:

  • Proofreading of ICD (Interface Control Documents – specification of control of interfaces with equipment) before integration.
  • Integration and validation of supplied equipment (automation of control, radio) as well as of the software as a whole (train level).
  • Conduct integration tests between MPU and supplier equipment (ITD) at the laboratory, and then write the test report (ITDR).
  • Ensure the generation of executable code to be loaded on the computers of the central computer of the train.
  • Carry out the bench integration procedure and ensure overall software performance as well as the engagement and traceability of the hardware and software configuration.
  • Ensure that naming and coding rules are respected.
  • Provide delivery and validation documentation.