Test Vehicle Management

From the cradle to the grave

The test vehicle management is responsible for the management and coordination of test vehicles. We supervise the vehicles during their whole life cycle, from the order to the destruction. Our goal is the development of derivatives with a proper vehicle quantity to keep the development costs as profitable as possible.

We ensure that the rate of use of test vehicles is tracked at all times. As a result of this the loss can be reduced to a minimum. Due to years of experience and growth of the team we built profound know-how in areas such as test vehicle planning, purchase order, coordination and reduction as listed in the chart below.

Potential customer value

  • Improvement of the test vehicle capacity to optimize the expenditure
  • Expansion of the portfolio in relation to update planning
  • Cooperation with our AKKA Shanghai colleagues
  • Support of the customs clearance process of the test vehicles
  • Technical experts to solve every customers request

Coordination and management of test vehicles


  • Improvement of the test vehicle capacity to optimize the expenditure with small teams of technical experts
  • Increased efficiency by practiced dealing with difficulties due to years of experience
  • Adaption to the dynamic environment of the research and development
  • Increase Sales with existing customers, winning subprojects
  • Branding – establish a clear identity
  • Going the ‘extra mile’ and providing benefits that exceed initial expectations
  • Minimizing loss by tracking the vehicles at all times (Location, Rate of use
    (> 25%), User)

Jun 17 2020

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Test Vehicle Management