Vehicle Dynamics

Simulation driven Suspension Development

Mobility is undergoing one of the most transformational technological, economic, and social innovative shifts of a generation. Various challenges arise:

  • Best price performance ratios for budget cars through very efficient development workflows.
  • To provide new vehicle concepts including non-standard suspension such as urban cars for the metropolitan areas.
  • New drivetrain layouts affected by hybridization and electrification of the powertrain.
  • Control systems and their significance in the virtual development phase.
  • Increased demand in the level of vehicle safety and comfort.

Potential customer value

Holistic approach

  • Full range of competences under one roof
  • Suspension development beyond
  • K&C (Kinematics & Compliance testing) analysis
  • Proving ground operator in Papenburg
  • Digital road data from proving grounds
  • Broad network of experts from simulation to testing


  • High maturity prototypes through CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) driven process
  • Experience from numerous projects and longtime partnerships
  • In-house tools for evaluation and process management



Vehicle Dynamics from a single source

Conceptual Design

The specifications of your suspension concept will be based on benchmark results and performance targets. Both will be chosen appropriate for your target vehicle class.

Simulation experts will build and validate the vehicle dynamics model and digitally perform maneuvers to evaluate K&C, handling, safety and ride performance.

For your control systems we offer two options:

  • Integrate your black box controller into the vehicle model.
  • Design of a controller in system simulation with software development and HiL-testing.

The dynamical performance of your vehicles will be tested by our test engineers on proving grounds. This allows the correlation analysis between the simulation model and the physical vehicle.

Our test driver assessment plays a key role in the vehicle development. The feedback from suspension tuning directly contributes to K&C, component specifications and controls parametrization.

Oct 27 2020

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Vehicle Dynamics