Work Package Management

Our mission is to support our clients throughout the life cycle of their products. We provide expertise that enables innovation by enhancing productivity, flexibility, reactivity, quality, stability, proximity while supporting technical and project knowledge capitalization.

The key word for AKKA in this domain is “adaptation”, as we anticipate our customer requirements and needs.  As proactive project management professionals, we can offer you relevant reporting skills combined with pragmatic KPIs that are highly accurate. We combine technical knowledge and expertise with offshore facilities, fixed price, budget control and cash flow stability to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Right Choice Partner:

To secure project schedule, quality, budget & Customer satisfaction are our priority

Based on a strong community of more than 150 experienced project managers, we have built some solid references and delivered proven successes on various significant projects.

PMI referential is the basis of our internal project management process, permitting us to provide robust, homogeneous and a high level service.

Our project management approach also focuses on continuous improvement of our project management methods, linked with our customers’ needs and delivered completely in a forward-looking spirit, implementing new technologies and AGILE concepts ongoingly.

With our innovation strengths, we predict and quickly identify the most promising intelligent technologies to incorporate into new client business models. We are  positioning ourselves as long-term powerful architects who cover all the technological know-how our customers need.