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AKKA Research : Passion for innovation

Continuously monitoring and analyzing trends and our clients’ main issues, AKKA Research team provides every day its own innovative solutions to all-embracing developing processes. Its innovation centers are organized to be able to call on the full range of the AKKA engineering and technological skills. That is why any AKKA engineer may contribute to the work of the AKKA Research for periods varying from a few weeks to several months.

The mission of AKKA research is to pool projects and initiatives involving innovative technologies and enabling us to proactively address our clients’ future needs. Furthermore, they allow our engineers to develop their skills and express their creativity through multi-industry experience.

AKKA Research Project team

The AKKA Research has a Project Steering Team in charge of pooling all AKKA initiatives and piloting projects. This team is composed of women and men passionate by innovation whose contribution to AKKA Research is completely integrated in their career plan.

A collaborative network of experts

The great strength of the Research Center is its ability to work on all aspects of the Group's activities by calling on multiple cross-cutting skills, irrespective of distance, through the benefits of remote collaboration. This is achieved through the use of the work-sharing tools available on the company's social network.

An Innovation Board to steer & monitor

The Innovation Board identifies future issues, evaluates priorities, decides upon future innovation topics, develops strategic partnership and provides energy to develop solutions and demonstrators. Any innovation projects are selected with a view toward the market, the clients and their demands.

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